Take Me to Beautiful

Some years back when my daughters went to school, I took a position at a skilled care  nursing facility as Director of Activities.  I would earn the grocery money  by playing bingo, hosting tea parties and making bird feeders with the seniors.  Thirty years have passed since I walked through those doors. I’m approaching my own senior years. And with the passage of time, I’ve not let go of the memories.  I think of them quite often. I learned from them. I laughed with them and we grieved together. I’m going to share a few of their stories. Meet Mary.

Mary was one of those cute little old ladies. She was tiny in stature.. Her voice was tiny. The chair she sat in was tiny. Her bed was tiny as well. Each day as I headed down the corridor, I would encounter Mary sitting in her tiny chair in the doorway to her room. And each time I passed, she would reach out for my hand. I would stop, utter some cheery greeting, pat her hand a bit and pull away as there were activities to be carried out. Mary spoke gibberish. That is until a day when I asked if she’d like to play bingo or color a picture and please, Miss Mary, tell me what I can do for you. Her answer was quite clear and it broke my heart. She asked to be taken to Beautiful.  I shall leave this here for Mary. I hope she got her wish.

Take me to Beautiful

where I might rest

my heart and soul there

my happiness


you are my  mother

you are my child

hello my dear friend

please stay for a while

we’ll bake some pies

and put on the tea

I’ll tell my stories

please listen to me

my eyes have now failed me

but I long to hear

the words from my lover

his letters are dear

you see an old woman

at the end of  the night

a shell of the girl

with a passion for life

but I am the same

as I’ve ever been

my body has failed me

true me is within

take me to Beautiful

where I might rest

my heart and soul there

my happiness

mfp 2017



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